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It is intended to be the best software testing blog for new and experienced testers alike, and this site is dedicated to helping testers (including the author) learn the skills of testing, share their experiences and envision a better future for software testers by bringing respect to the craft of testing.

Who am I (the author)?

My name is Debasis Pradhan, a Software Testing Consultant by profession (10+ years) and a Tester by passion (25+ years)! I write "Software Testing Tricks" to share some of my interesting experiences with the fellow testers. I am a self-identified Context-Driven Tester who is practicing Exploratory Testing for more than 6 years now, with good amount of success. I started "Software Testing Tricks" back in 2006 as an experimental project to test my own writing and story telling skills and suddenly I realized that I have attracted readers who like my writing. This forced me to continue blogging. I blog to learn, to help others learn, to share my experience, to help others share their experiences, to share my views, to help others share their views, to gain exposure to the current happenings of the testing world, to help others in doing so, and last but not the least to build credibility and reputation as a skilled tester in the International Testing Community.

"I ask Questions to Find Defects in Software!"

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Be warned to encounter a constructive mind on a destructive mission! Meet a Passionate Software Tester (Self-Certified) who is quite good at infecting others with his passion!

Trivia! The author used to conduct underground nuclear tests (experiments) for an undisclosed Eastern European government and was on the brink of discovering how to successfully perform nuclear fusion when he decided to focus on Software Testing instead!!! ;)
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About Debasis Pradhan

Debasis has over a decade worth of exclusive experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance, Software Development and Testing. He writes here to share some of his interesting experiences with fellow testers.


  1. dont u have a gmail id??if yes please let me know..i would like to add u in ma chat list if u wish..i'm attracted by ur blog ...good work..continue writing

  2. hi sir,
    your post are good and its been very helpful for me.

  3. Surprised to see that your earlier profession was into nuclear test. Before I jumped into testing I was interested in becoming Scientist.

  4. Salute to you for such nice post full of information and full of testing methodology.


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