Aug 1, 2014

Top 5 Software Testing Traps and How to Overcome Them

If you are a software tester and have been in this field for a while then you might have run into situations (let me call them traps and hurdles) that limit your efficiency and effectiveness as a tester. It could be a common problem like lack of enough time and/or resources to finish testing or could be because you are surrounded by coworkers and colleagues who don't realize the importance of your work. But if you're like me who cannot work on projects and with people unless you have got credibility, respect and their confidence in the work you do, then you must be aware of these pitfalls, mistakes, traps and hurdles that any tester can face in their life.

I started writing this blog when I began my software testing career (exactly 9 years from today) and I don't know about you but I have run into plenty such software testing traps while working on various testing projects at various stages of my career. And every time I ran into them, it gave me a chance to look for magic spells, ways, methods, techniques, tricks, tips and anything and everything that could help me come out of such situations. And today's article is a compilation of some of those top 5 traps that I've ever run into in my software testing career and some of the ways that helped me overcome them, in my context. The following case points and suggested solutions can help you overcome many common real-life software testing problems.

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Aug 28, 2013

The Importance of Cost-effective Software Testing

The digital world is becoming hugely popular around the world. Business houses are taking several steps to promote their business globally. However, in order to do that, one needs to go for effective software testing. The online industry has really helped businesses expand and promote their products on a large scale. To say the least, the importance of cost-effective software testing is immense. Before delving further into the topic, it is really essential to understand what software testing exactly is.  

Software testing is basically directed towards ensuring that the desired software meets its predefined objectives. For instance, an application crafted to view several pictures needs to carry out basic tasks like displaying the image properly. Software applications or tools have become a basic requirement of sorts for almost every company, irrespective of whether the firm is a large scale establishment or a small scale business. Many companies take advantage of these products in order to track viruses and other malware issues within their computing systems. Some other companies, on the other hand, seek the guidance of a professional developer in order to have a stern and safe program pre-installed. Software testing services will reassure whether the software is an apt one or not. This procedure is normally useful to recognise the safety, completeness, quality and correctness of the computer software.  
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Jul 8, 2013

Interviewing a Testing Expert - Elisabeth Hendrickson [Part-2]

I am back with the final part of the interview with Elisabeth Hendrickson, who writes at Test Obsessed and is a world-renowned expert in Software Testing and Quality Assurance. In case, you missed out the first part, I would highly suggest you to read it first before proceeding to read this one. 

So here we go:

Debasis: What do you think as the most essential skills that make a great tester?

Elisabeth: Great software testers are investigators, able to apply their technical, analytical, and observational skills to uncover information that has value to their stakeholders, and communicate effectively about their discoveries. That means that great testers:

- Use a variety of analysis techniques (such as modeling states and events in a system) to design tests
- Have the technical skills necessary to dig below the surface of whatever they're testing
- See things--clues to system behavior--that other people tend to miss
- Have an understanding of how the software or system serves the business so they understand what information is significant and what is not
- Have the communication skills necessary to explain their findings both verbally and in writing

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May 29, 2013

Cloud-Based QA Test Management Tool qTest from QASymphony [Review]

If you're in the field of software testing for a while then I'm sure you might have already come across a hoard of test management software by now. Some of today's best test management solutions are designed to organize, store and execute test cases, view test reports and to store historical data for these tests. In other words, a great test management tool provides features like managing test scripts, test planning, reporting, requirements tracking and easy out of the box collaboration with bug tracking tools. qTest, the new test management software from QASymphony is an exciting new addition to the list of such test management tools but has a lot of promise if you intend to empower your test teams

With software development increasingly moving towards Agile environments and with the focus shifting on fast delivery, test cycles in many organizations have shortened. Today, the test teams of an average organization have much less time to identify and document defects as compared to a decade earlier. But with all these change that Agile has brought upon us, one thing that has remain unchanged is the customer's expectations; expectations for bug-free software still remain high. Interestingly, qTest is designed to mesh seamlessly with a typical Agile development and provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-configure options for most of your testing needs. It enables you to easily enter project requirements, extrapolate test cases, run them, and store all the results for generation of future reports.
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Mar 12, 2013

AgileLoad; An Enterprise Class Load, Stress and Performance Testing Tool [Review]

Performance engineering has experienced phenomenal changes in the last decade with the advent of advanced technologies, renewed processes and a serious focus of businesses on cost, time and reliability of their web applications. If you have been reading 'Software Testing Tricks' regularly, then you might be already aware that I've been doing lot of experiments and reviewing various enterprise-class load testing tools recently. As part of this ongoing exploration recently I came across AgileLoad, a Windows tool for performance testing of web applications designed for use in internal networks or on the ‘Cloud’. The cloud load generation support provided by the tool help generation of the load from distributed locations to simulate near real scenarios.

47% of your customers expect your web page to load within 2 seconds. 40% of your visitors (out of whom many could be your potential buyers/customers) will leave your site if the page loads longer than 3 seconds. And this 1 second delay will cost you an approximate loss of 7% revenue from your site. Every web application that is designed for the load of users, need to be optimized for that load and hence the need for an Enterprise-class load, stress and performance testing tool becomes even more important than ever.
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