The Pros and Cons to Consider When Testing Dating Apps

Dating made a huge transformation from being our private life to becoming a big industry. We have no right to decide whether the romance lost its purpose in this ever-changing dating game as it is absolutely up to you because you are most likely one of those people who came from asking a girl who was your classmate in high school to searching for East European brides on online dating services. A few years ago the game changed again, with the arrival of dating apps. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. And if you are single and have never used them before, you will soon. That's why you need to learn the pros and cons of using dating apps.


1. You get what you want

One night stand? Steady dating? Soulmate and mother of your children? You can usually be very blunt about what you’re looking for when you’re communicating virtually with people, which is almost impossible in the offline environment. Chances are, they will either feel the same way, or you can “swipe left” and move on. There’s not a lot of time to waste, and anyone who uses these apps will understand 100%.

2. Boosting Your Confidence

It’s a lot easier to flirt – or even have a simple conversation – with people if you’re not directly with them and you can read their faces as reactions to everything you say. Thank you, virtual anonymity. For a lot of people who may not have enough confidence to charm their way into a relationship in person, a virtual test run can be good practice and can let you test out how good you are at starting and maintaining conversations.

3. Apps help finding people you won't meet otherwise

Even on a big college campus or at your work you sometimes feel like there’s no one else left to meet. It’s refreshing to know that there are lots of cool people out there who you have still never interacted with. If you are fed up with your options where you are, applications today have become so advanced with location services, that you have opened yourself up to a digital world of opportunities, that can easily manifest into physical meet ups.

4. You know what to talk about on the first offline date

Odds are, once you finally get around to meeting the person on the other end of the line, you will have had at least a few conversations over an app or site, which will make it much easier to find topics to talk about in real life. And unlike dating sites the time gap between first online chat and first offline chat is way shorter.


1. No gambling on result

The idea of codes, algorithms, and virtual conversations really takes out the magic and spontaneity of dating. Your grandparents probably told you about all of the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that came with asking someone out “back in the day.” That exciting fusion is the spice that we need when dealing with romantic possibilities. Apps offers you making no efforts, and the result is less satisfying.

2. We are spoiled

Technology has taken out some of the charm and mystery associated with real-life dating. Matchmaking services present us with thousands of options, and we become used to the fact that we have so many choices. It’s easy for us to cancel on people, juggle a number of partners at once, and always think about who we could be missing out on. This relates to something called choice-overload theory, which explains that the more choices we have, the less likely we are to be satisfied with any single decision that we make. So, most people who use apps are living in the constant fear of missing out.

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