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Earlier this year, when my friend Vijay Shinde from contacted me to be the co-author and editor of his long-planned Book with software testing tips and tricks, it was a pleasant surprise. Vijay is a passionate tester himself and there were many occasions in the past where we had sought each others opinions, helped and shared ideas on software testing. So when I was approached with the honor to co-author this book and let my words find their way into this long-awaited testing help guide, I couldn't say no.

Why 'Software Testing Career Package eBook'?

I'm really glad to let my readers know that the eBook, 'Software Testing Career Package - A Software Tester's Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader' has been announced now and now up for the grab. This book has tried to answer over 300 different frequently asked software testing questions. The comprehensive chapters in the book take you through the details of getting a job in software testing field, getting started in software testing, and advancing in your career to become a software testing expert.

It doesn't matter if you’re a fresh graduate and looking for a software testing job or if you just got a software testing/QA job and wondering how you can get started. Even if you are an experienced tester this book explains useful tips to take your testing career to next level. The six comprehensive chapters of this book tries to answer all your questions relating to testing and software quality.

Every crucial aspect of software testing is covered in this eBook. It is a valuable training and reference source for new software testers, managers, and developers, alike. It has a lot of good information, which is unbelievably practical and easy to understand. If you test software, or depend on people who do, then read this book. Each page contains hard-won advice for handling the practical problems you encounter every day.

Book Stats

Publication Date: 18th Feb 2013
Promotional Launch Price: $14.95
Total Pages: 132
Total Chapters: 6
Format: PDF file size 2.78 MB


For a limited period, now this book is available in a nicely formatted PDF version for just $14.95 here and the Kindle version is available for only $6.55 on Amazon. As someone, who has co-authored and edited this book I can tell that this is a very small price to pay for the information that the book provides.

Discount Coupons: For 'Software Testing Tricks' readers here is an exclusive offer. Use the code 'STHLAUNCH' in the payment checkout page to avail a flat 30% discount on the ebook. Alternately, you may use this direct link to get this eBook for just $9.72 (this offer is for limited time only).

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I'm not commercially associated with this eBook in any way (and none of the above links are affiliate links). I'm writing about this book here as I sincerely believe that this book brings a fresh perspective on the software testing, as a career and that every tester, new or experinced should read it.

How to Win FREE Copy of "Software Testing Career Package" eBook?

Are you a passionate tester who would love to read this book but can not afford buying it? Okay, it is not the end of the world! I have 5 copies of 'Software Testing Career Package - A Software Tester's Journey from Getting a Job to Becoming a Test Leader' eBook that I'm going to give away for FREE here on 'Software Testing Tricks' site. But to receive a free copy of this testing book, all you have to do is to: 
1. Vote for it here
2. and then leave a comment below justifying,
   a) 'why you really deserve to win a free copy of this ebook' and
   b) 'how you're going to use the book when you test something'.

As I said earlier, I've only 5 copies to give away for FREE here so I'll select the winners based on how you answer these simple questions as comments below. Good luck and Happy testing :)

Winners of Free eBook 

Though I had promised to give away 5 copies of this eBook to my readers, due to the overwhelming number of some interesting comments I could not pick only 5 winners and hence I've decided to gift this book to 6 winners. And they are:

Srinivas Kadiyala
Dimpal Pindoriya

Sneha Lahane

Important Notice: Hence most of you left your comments using Google ID, I do not have your email address with me and hence I'd like each of you to contact me so I can email you the ebook.

Hoping each of you are going to use this book to make yourselves a better tester than you're today. Happy testing...
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Debasis has over a decade worth of exclusive experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance, Software Development and Testing. He writes here to share some of his interesting experiences with fellow testers.


  1. The book looks impressive. I'm a fresh graduate and wanting to join testing career. Please give me a copy as I can not afford it right now. I promise, I'll follow the suggestions from the book.

  2. 1. I would like to get the ebook because, to acquire more new knowledge for the growth of my career also the freelancing.
    2. Get new ideas by keeping the base key points from the book to perform effective and smart testing even in my critical times.

  3. 1. 'why you really deserve to win a free copy of this ebook'
    I am hard core passionate tester and I am always looking forward to learn things though am experienced i wanted to explore more about testing and wanted to be well versed in it.

    2. 'how you're going to use the book when you test something'.
    I will read the book and gain knowledge without stopping there I will also implement it in my project. On top of all I will share my knowledge with the testers as much as I can.

    Happy Testing!
    S M S M

  4. I am very much passionate about software testing, started my career as a software test engineer and I want to improve my career prospects.
    I would be very thankful to you, if a get a copy of that e-book.

  5. *Bug Report: #001
    *Subject: "New Tester Needs to Learn More"

    *Test Environment: Endless amounts of info scattered throughout the internet. Confused mind not knowing where to start with all of the info. Empty wallet due to providing for family. Passion for testing and two years into his career.

    *Bug Description: Tester cannot find well-organized info about how to become the best tester.

    *Test Cases Include: Voted for the eBook on tester's Google+ page, hours of endless blog reading, joining countless test communities and forums, and following many testers on Twitter.

    *Expected Results:
    1) Once the deserving tester obtains proper guidance (a FREE Copy of "Software Testing Career Package" eBook), he will grow and excel in the testing field. His skills will increase and he will be able to have confidence in his testing.
    2) After absorbing the knowledge found within the "Software Testing Career Package" eBook, new ideas learned will be applied to the tester's current practices. Also, a written review will be provided for the author to use as an added testimony about the help and knowledge the eBook provides.

    *Status: New / In Progress
    *Priority: HIGH
    *Author: WRYUN
    *Assigned to: Debasis Pradhan /
    *Start Date: Thursday, March 7, 2013
    *Due Date: TBD
    *Target Version: ASAP 1.0

  6. As software test engineer 1.I will act as customers advocate 2. Interested in learn new things very much 3.Think out of box these are the qualities i had.

    By using this book i want extract new features in testing, to upgrade my testing skills, i want to share my knowledge what i gain and also implement in my project

  7. 1. 'why you really deserve to win a free copy of this ebook'
    I am passionate and a lone tester and I always try to explore and learn more about testing and wanted to be well versed in it.

    2. 'How you're going to use the book when you test something'.
    I like to read and i want to read this book and gain knowledge - share it to community by blogging.

    Happy Testing!
    S M S M

  8. . By getting this ebook, can gain a ‘test to break’ attitude,
    . An ability to take the point of view of the customer,
    . A strong desire for quality, and an attention to detail.
    . It can be helpful as it provides a deeper understanding of the software development process, gives me an appreciation for the developers’ point of view, and reduce the learning curve in automated test tool programming.
    . Judgment skills are needed to assess high-risk areas of an application on which to focus testing efforts when time is limited is attained by this ebook.

  9. We are very curious to know the winners!
    Let us know when will it be announced?

    Thanks & Regards,
    S M S M (S M Senthil Murugan)

  10. @ Senthu (S M S M), I'll update this page with the winners next week. Stay tuned.

  11. 1)because I think I am the one who is going to utilize it fully, as a fresh Graduate I would require a good guide which is not available here in my area and I think this book could be the one.

    2) I am going to read this book fully and will use ideas mentioned in the book and will utilise them in my profession and I am going to recommend this book to my testing friends who are also in need of professional help in their testing career.

  12. I recently started my career as a software tester, and I really need guidance as to the best practices in the industry.

    I am going to use this book during my testing to ensure that I apply the best practices to be more productive and efficient.

  13. First of all thanks for this wonderful idea to give free E-Book to Them who are really in need.
    1. 'Why you really deserve to win a free copy of this eBook'
    I am passionate toward Testing. I want to grow up to become a testing icon for the world. I have skill to think out of box and want to use my evil power for good work (Testing). I am Fresh Graduate and not able to afford money for this book. I promise you after read this book and get knowledge from it I will gift this book to someone else who really in need of this book so that (s)he also become great tester and get chances to say heartly thanks to you.

    2. 'How you're going to use the book when you test something'.
    First of all I read whole book very carefully and understand it then following STLC structure for using this book while I test something.

  14. I am willing to have this book for free. 2 things you expect us to do Vote for getting this book. Tried to search about this but couldn't understand how and what can i do to vote for the same but i can answer the questions at-least, here it is:

    a) 'why you really deserve to win a free copy of this ebook' ?

    ANSWER: i am currently working in a very small company in Nasik , here no proper testing processes are followed, in short i am not getting to learn anything new here. But i know i hold the confidence, skills, leadership qualities and strong willingness to become a test lead in one of the topmost companies within next 3 years. and to achieve this target i am giving my best to develop myself become a deserving tester.

    i really really enjoyed reading all the articles/information on Software Testing Tricks site(i have also told my testing friends to read it), so i believe 100% that this this book will be interesting to read and will be use full for me to make my dreams come true.

    b) 'how you're going to use the book when you test something'.

    ANSWER: I think this answer can be given best only after reading the book :)
    Eager to read it.

    Hope you like my answers and i get this book for free :)

  15. I am a tester for the past 1 year working for a start-up company. I started testing on my own without a trainer in my company and I am in confusion whether what I am doing is correct or not. I need to update myself, I am passionate about software testing, (Self certified like you) , and I want to excel in the field of software testing to improve my career prospects.

    I think I would need and love this book since I'm still in my first year of testing and could really give me good insight. I will also implement it in my project. I am going to share this book to my friends who are also in need of professional help in their career and this e-book may help people thirsty for testing, adopting new methods and techniques.

    About your blog simply superb which is like a guide to new comers in software testing. and I’ve been reading your blog over a year. It ’s been good times, and I have learned a lot.

    Hope, I will win it. I may win or may not, but I’m going to share about it.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Happy Testing …

  16. a) 'why you really deserve to win a free copy of this ebook' ?
    ----To evolve myself in testing field-
    b) 'how you're going to use the book when you test something'.
    -----Self starter-

  17. I deserve to win a copy because I am a young software tester, early in the field and I feel this book will help me in achieving my goal of becoming a very good tester.
    I am going to use this book as a guide which will help me in achieving my goal. :)

  18. Hi Debasis,

    Tester’s attitude to ask questions, so I am.

    How can I get this eBook just by commenting?

    Is this eBook really helps in testing something?

    What are the qualities should I have to win this eBook?

    Is it possible to get a eBook with just one effective comment?

    Before knowing the contents of this eBook, how can I assure you that how am I going to use this eBook?

    'why you really deserve to win a free copy of this eBook'

    I am entry level test engineer, who cannot afford to buy this eBook but have strong determination in getting this eBook to update my skills and to become a team leader in future.

    'how you're going to use the book when you test something'.

    I already read the contents of this eBook from Vijay Shinde's website, So I am going to use this book in:

    Learning best tips on finding critical defects in any application.

    Learning how to manage defects like a pro.

    Becoming a web testing expert.

    Learning how to achieve exponential career growth.

    Learning how to deal with the developers.

    Mastering the art of becoming a good team leader.

    Sharing about the eBook who are in need.

    Happy Testing!

  19. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing such information with everyone. Your writing gives an overall idea about the software testing. Good to see such type of posting. I really like to read it. Keep on posting some new information…!

  20. I new to software testing as my previous career was mechanical engineering. Having this copy of book will help me towards my goal of getting a good job as QA engineer.

  21. 1.Normally if we get anything free we wont use it but if we win a competition we feel good and passion to implement...

    2.To implement my future career life...

  22. First of all Thank you to have such nice idea of free ebook,student those whose can't afford to buy all books including me,it is best way to have such chance.I am Be student and want to explore my career in Software Testing.
    I had read viewers comments about this book.Many people who are in good position in Mnc's,approaches to refer this book,due this book is simple,easy to understand and it cover up many concepts which is not in any other books.
    I need good and right knowledge book,so that if i face any diffculties or doubts ,I can refer this book to recall my concepts.

  23. Please email me the pdf of this excellent book naga(dot)ksks (at) gmail(dot)com

  24. Your information about automation is really interesting. Also I want to know the latest new techniques which are implemented in automation. Please update it in your website.

  25. Hi I am very passionate to drive my career into software testing. I am changing my career path from life sciences to software testing. I have been following your website since long time and I have developed core testing concepts by reading your articles. I hope your book "Software testing career package" would be very much helpful as a guide into testing field.
    Thank you


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