Seeing own 'tweet' in the Twitter 'replies' page! Is this a Bug?

Before I go ahead and publish this anomaly, let me clarify that this is an 'intermittent' issue that I have been seeing for the past few days. Though I have few screen shots to describe the happening of the issue, I'm yet to find out a reliable way to reproduce this. So good luck.

If you have still no idea on what twitter is then in a single sentence - 'it is the most happening micro-blogging phenomenon in web right now, which is redefining how people used to communicate with each other"! In case you have not joined there, I would recommend you to give them a try. It can be a very productive tool to collaborate with peers, colleagues, friends, clients and virtually everyone who is using Twitter.

This particular issue that I'm going to discuss today is basically an issue in Twitter replies page. I understand that they are doing lot of changes to their interface (both under and above the hood) and so this could very well be a manifestation of some regression bug. At any rate, here is what is happening [please click the screenshot to enlarge].

As I understand it, the @replies page on Twitter is supposed to list out ONLY those tweets that mention your twitter username (e.g. @MyTwitterName). But as you can see above, I'm seeing one tweet that doesn't contain my twitter username and rather is one that was tweeted by me! This is something that can NOT be treated as a reply. How can my own tweet be considered as a reply message aimed at me? Can someone make any sense out of it? What do you think? Can this be due to a bug in twitter?

Happy Testing...
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