Confusing LinkedIn Status Update Screen when the Session is timed-out! Is this a Bug?

As if the number of post categories on Software Testing Zone were few, I am introducing yet another series of posts, which I have decided to call as “Is this a Bug?” In this series I am going to post a number of software anomalies that look suspicious and buggy to me. This series will be a kind of repository where I am going to dump all the suspected software defects and bugs that I encounter in my day to day life. When I post them under this category it essentially means that these are the kind of software failures that are ambiguous and one can’t be very sure if something indeed is a software failure or it is just the way it was designed to work! I would leave the final decision (whether this is a Bug or not) up to my readers and will just post here my observations. I think this is going to be fun. 
So here goes the first post of the “Is this a Bug?” series:
1. Login to your LinkedIn A/C (yes, you need a LinkedIn profile to be able to verify this).
2. Update your LinkedIn status. You can find the corresponding text box to enter and update your status on the home page, on the left side bar and elsewhere. “Your status was updated” message should be displayed by LinkedIn.
3. Now simulate a scenario of network failure. 
[Hint: unplug your modem and connect it back OR disconnect the connection and connect again OR simply logout of LinkedIn -> hit the browser Back button -> Page Refresh (F5) OR use your own ingenious method to simulate a network failure.] 
I had a REAL network failure and when I connected back to the internet I saw this rather confusing LinkedIn screen (please refer the screenshot) that displayed on one hand that *my* status was updated and on the other hand asked me to Join/Sign-In to LinkedIn. This is same as asking a guest at your door to come in and take a seat in your living room, offering her with coffee, chatting with her for a while and then asking her "do I know you?"!
[click on the image for an enlarged version]
What do you think? Is this a Bug? Feel free to share your opinion by commenting below.
P.S. If you had experienced such a bug?/not-a-bug? situation, feel free to Contact Me with the details (if possible screenshots) and I will try to post it on Software Testing Zone with your name.
P.P.S. This “Is this a Bug?” series is inspired by Ben Simo’s Is There A Problem Here? Blog. If you liked this post I recommend you to visit Ben’s Blog as well. Chances are very high that you would like it.
Happy Testing…
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  1. This is a bug, and this happens for any update/clear message that displays in the highlighted green frame.

    Looks like the highlighted green frame is independent of the parent page and hence this frame alone is retained when the rest of the page is refreshed.

  2. Yes, I would say that it IS a Bug. Because as an user, it BUGS me by confusing me. Good Catch, Debasis.

  3. This is a Bug. This is a Bug. This is a Bug...

  4. No doubt !
    This is an ugly bug

  5. This the first time when I stumbled upon this blog and I must say I feel like being late in coming here. This is an excellent blog and I was blown away by each and every post. This truly displays the experience and passion of the writer. I am going to refer this blog to my friends and colleagues.

    And regarding this issue in LinkedIn, YES I think it is a bug. I would report it as a bug if I was testing it! :)

  6. Nice blog, liked it.
    BTW you've got a spelling error here:
    "1. Login to your [LikedIn] A/C..."

  7. Absolutely! This is a Bug to me. Something that confuses the user should not be there in the first place or be handled in a better way!

  8. @ Farid,

    Wow! Thanks for letting me know. I hate typos like these that are difficult to spot. Corrected it now, anyway. :)

    @ Others,

    Thanks for sharing your opinions on the issue. Keep them coming.

  9. Yes this is a bug. I like your analogy, quite fitting.

  10. Debasis,

    Yes it's indeed a bug like all said. But I'd like to bring in a different angle from your side.

    What made you presented it as "Is it a bug?"

    Just out of curiosity.

  11. @ Prabhath,

    To avoid being sued by LinkedIn! LOL ;)

    Jokes apart, as I mentioned at the beginning, I am planning to continue this as a series of posts where I would try to record my *observations* of buggy-looking applications/features. And I would try to refrain myself from being judgmental and declaring that something IS a bug. The basic idea here is to engage with my readers and hear how they perceive something as buggy/not-buggy. Hope this clarifies things for you. Happy Testing...

  12. @ Debasis,

    Well presented again ;) Sorry, it did not some how fit 100% to me but yes I'd take it.

  13. @ Prabhath,

    Being a tester, I wouldn't want you to accept something half-heartedly, which doesn't make sense to you fully! Help me to help you see if it fits 100% to you! :)

  14. Yes, I have experienced same problem in Linkedin. So, I think that is bug.

  15. this is bug .........

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