Some Myths about Software Testing

  1. Testing is only reactive in nature.

  2. Testers have to have full domain expertise.

  3. Anybody can do testing.

  4. Automation should always be utilized.

  5. "Formal" methods are "too much" for our company.

  6. Testing always increases development costs.

  7. There is no need to bring testers in early.

  8. Exploratory testing is always ineffective.

  9. Adding more testers to a project will reduce testing time

  10. Testing can always find all bugs if enough time is given.

  11. Testing does not, by itself, improve software quality.

  12. Everybody can do a test automation

  13. Automation can eliminate or reduce manual testers.

  14. The same testing strategy can be applied for manual software testing and automated software testing

  15. Testing is the process of demonstrating that defects are not present in the application that was developed.

  16. Testing is the activity or process which shows or demonstrates that a program or system performs all intended functions correctly.

  17. Testing is the activity of establishing the necessary 'confidence' that a program or system does what it is supposed to do, based on the set of requirements that the user has specified.
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